Parenting. When you actually think about it, many people, at one point in their lives, will become a parent. 

Teaching children, as well as parenting, requires time, patience and a lot of energy. However, parenting is not thinking FOR your child; not doing FOR your child; not controlling them and certainly not judging them. They need to develop their abilities, confidence and their independence. There are things you do or don’t do that can make or break them into the adult they will become…it can make all the difference in the world to them and to you…so let’s think about it.

Of course we will not be perfect and we will definitely make mistakes! However, we do need to do the best job we can so our children can be the best person they can become.

Our children are our future. We all need to raise the best adults we can raise. Positive parenting is what we need in order to achieve this goal.

Think about this: Parenting is certainly not about you! It is about your child…it is only about your child! So let’s start parenting, the best way we can! 


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