The BIG Picture!

What does it all mean? Once your child is a teenager, you would have already raised this child to become the person they already became. You have already and given them the basis for doing the right or wrong thing. TRUST in your teenager to do the right thing. If your teenager is lying or getting into trouble, maybe you need to think about what they have learned thus far or what it is you are not doing now to get their trust. They will find a way to do what they want to do whether you want them to or not. Look at the situation, what do they want to do that you are not allowing them to do? Why do you think they feel the need to lie about it? Who are their friends and are these children similar to yours in the way that you have raised your child? If they are completely different, then why are they different? Do they not have a value system that you have instilled in your child?

Look at the big picture. Sometimes we need to look at the big picture before our children begin to grow. We need to start early.

If your child is already a teenager, there are things to do. Ask me a question. Let me know your situation. Let’s discuss!


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