Do the right thing…

What is the “RIGHT” thing when parenting? That is a great question and something to truly think about.

The right thing to me is making sure you keep your child’s best interests at heart and making sure every decision you make is the best for them. It doesn’t have to be the best for you, just for them.


Let’s think about it….

TECHNOLOGY is extremely important in today’s world. Is it that important in a child’s world? A child who is age of 10? Age 8? Age 5? Everyone in the world of past generations lived without it. All children grew up without it. Are the children of today better because of it? It clearly depends on how it is used.

If your child is playing video games for hours upon hours because you are busy or if they are using their cell phones because you are too tired, then that is not in their best interest, is it? That is in your best interest. Keeping them busy with something that is not helping them in any way, but just occupying their time, is really not helpful.

If they are using technology as often as they can, then are they…

  • Learning to socialize?
  • Communicating with family members or friends?
  • Exercising?
  • Eating correctly?
  • Doing their homework?
  • Reading?

If technology is used for educational purposes where your child can learn something, then perhaps it is the right thing. There are many advantages to using technology. However, if the child is using technology to occupy their time, or just wasting time, then why? What is the purpose other than being “quiet” or staying out-of-the-way?

Think about all the things you do for you and whether it is in the best interest of them. Ask me a question. Send me a reply or email.


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  1. There are many documented advantages to ‘video games’ including strategic thinking, problem solving, hand-eye coordination, team skills (team based multiplayer games), spatial awareness and creativity. Drawbacks include risk of obesity, high levels of aggression (with certain games) and delaying/atrophying social skills due to lack of real-world interaction. I think that you will find that some games (Pokémon Go springs to mind) that alleviate some, if not all of these drawbacks by encouraging the player to get out into the world. Perhaps you did not mean all video games (archaic term) when you wrote this. An intelligent exploration of the field may yield benefits for you and for children.
    Kindness – Robert.


    1. I agree, there are many advantages to video games and children are engaged in playing those games. There are educational purposes to these games. However, I do not think it is in the child’s best interest if the “video game playing” is for several hours during each and every day or if it is interfering in doing homework, spending quality family time, socializing with friends, playing sports, etc. I know this is a very debatable subject and there are many pros and cons to playing video games. Like everything else that goes along with parenting, setting limits and being consistent is the key to positive parenting! Thank you for your comment… 🙂

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