From the moment your child is able to feed themselves, is the moment they should feed themselves. You can have them sit in their highchair to eat chopped foods (beware of choking hazards) and let them feed themselves. This is the beginning of their independence which will also be their development of self-confidence. This is the very first thing we can do to let them do for themselves.

Letting your child “do” as often as they can will create a stronger individual who will be successful in their future. The more they do on their own, the more confident they will become.

Once they are able to talk and make choices for themselves, listen. You are there to help guide them in their thinking and learning, not to change them or gear them into a choice they would not ordinarily make for themselves. You are there to help them to see right from wrong and approve their decisions once they are made especially if they are making the right choice for themselves. The right choice is morally appropriate and is the best choice for them, not necessarily for you, but for them. We are probably not always going to agree with our children, but they do need to learn to stay true to themselves and make decisions that will make them happy and promote their own individualism.

Any stories that go along with these statements? Write to me.


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  1. This Is so true! Independence is so important for our little ones, it gives them the confidence to know they can do things on their own which sets them up hugely for the big, wide world! Lovely post and great to meet you 😊X


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