It is very easy for children to view inappropriate material on televisions, laptops, computers, smartphones. etc. There are many devices that have parental controls. Such controls can help to set limits on the amount of time spent on such devices. Some can help to restrict certain channels from being watched. You can block certain websites or content from being viewed. If you are able to stop and/or limit your children from watching, listening, viewing, and participating in anything that is beyond their age or content, please do. The most vulnerable ages to do this would be children who are toddlers or young children and those who are beginning teenage life. I don’t think they should have access to anything they can see, hear, or anything that “pops” up on the screen. Monitoring is the key to helping your children from viewing or listening to something that may be inappropriate.

Social media is another concern parents may have, but I always look at it this way. By the time they are old enough to be a part of all this social media, there should be communication between you and your child to determine possible harmful activities that go on today using social media. Should you put the same restraints on them as you did when they were younger? Do they know better now that they are older? Should you look at their posts and/or texts? Remember there is a fine line between your right as their parent and their right to privacy. Children need to feel respected as well, but they do need to understand that not everything and anything posted should be posted. There is some content that is inappropriate and possibly harmful. Some posts that may have a negative impact on your child today or possibly in their future. Your child needs to be aware of all of these things and there does need to be some kind of trust in your child.

If you have open communication with your teens as they grow up into an adult, there is a better chance that they will be respectful, value what they have been taught by you, and respect themselves to take care of themselves and not to get involved in things they shouldn’t be involved in. They may think twice if you have talked to them about all the “uncomfortable” conversations that needs to take place. It is better to be uncomfortable than to have a negative impact on your child or have something inappropriate or harmful happen to them, correct?

Thoughts, comments, questions, or concerns? Contact me! Elle


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