Now that school has begun or will begin, please make sure you purchase ALL the school supplies that are indicated on your child’s school list for the first day or at least the first week of school. The students who do not have all of their items usually feel bad especially if the majority of the class has their supplies. If they need more items, the student usually promises to bring them in the next day. Sometimes our lives are so busy that we do not have the time (other than on weekends) to shop or do things with the family. If that is the case, then it will be a whole week for your child to do without the items needed. Most of the items are necessary to use during each day…especially notebooks and pencils. Let’s not forget the tissues, paper towels, and baby wipes…these are items all students use on a daily basis that are just as important. 

School is so rigorous now that work begins on day 1. There is no time for game playing or getting to know one another like “back in the day” when school was not as rigorous. Now there is so much work, so much participation, and no time to waste.

Back to school means back to work. Each child needs to take school seriously from the first day. This will only make the year better and more productive. If you are motivated as their parent, your child will be motivated as well.

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