So many school supplies are requested at this time of the year! Does your child have to purchase school supplies? Are they given a list of specific items to buy?

For all the schools that do ask for basic school supplies (notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, paper, etc.) some parents feel that the school supply list is too long and/or too expensive. “Why do we have to bring in so many supplies?” “Shouldn’t the school have supplies for their students?” SomeĀ parents even feel burdened that there is so much to do to prepare for their child’s first day of school. “We have to stand in long lines at each store because everyone is buying supplies at the same time!” …I guess like holiday shopping!

School supplies are extremely important. When my children were in school, I felt that it was hard to purchase every single item on their school lists. It was either a lot of money to purchase every single item or I was unable to find each specific item that was listed. It definitely wasn’t easy since I had more than one child. How do you feel about it?

Unfortunately, it takes millions of dollars today to run a school. Between the salaries of all staff members, basic school supplies, and the money needed to actually “run” the school. Each school has a set budget and they must function within that budget each school year. Sometimes it’s enough for a school for everything they need, and sometimes it is not …not even close to what is needed!

In addition, teachers even spend their own money for many classroom items that the schools do not give to them. It has been estimated that teachers spend their own money throughout each school year that is anywhere between $500 to $1,000.

Whether the supplies are expensive or not, whether you like to purchase these items or you don’t, whether you are able to find and buy ALL the supplies needed or unable, just remember that this is actually the start of something extremely important for your child! They are happy when they are able to show the teacher and all the other students that they have all of their items (or at least most of their items) that are needed and used each and every day moving forward.

GOOD LUCK SHOPPING PARENTS! And, good luck to all of your wonderful children who have started or will start school year!

Funny experiences or comments regarding school supplies? I would love to hear it!


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  1. When your kid gets to high school, and they only need looseleaf, pens and pencils, you will miss the days of supply shopping. However, you will not be happy about purchasing a scientific calculator for a kid who’s more into the humanities…..


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