Let’s think about this…

Lying to your children; lying in front of your children; telling “white lies” and then explaining why it’s alright to tell the “white lie,” is absolutely unacceptable.  If children live with lying, they will become liars…plain and simple!

What happened to honesty in this world? Why do adults feel it is necessary to lie about almost anything? What is the point? What is your purpose of telling lies?

You are the role model to your children. They hear and know all that you do, whether you think so or not. They know when you lie. They know when you are not being honest. And what is worse…if you make excuses in front of them, then they will clearly know, that you know, you are lying…what lesson is that to teach your children?

What lessons are we teaching our kids? Let’s hear some…email me! Write a comment. Love to hear your opinion or situations.



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  1. I’ve been thinking about lies and lying a lot lately, but in the context of people lying to themselves….but this topic has been on my mind. I think unfortunately a lot if people lie to not hurt others feelings or expectations not met. To what degree are these lies? I’m still working on that. But what about when your neighbor bakes a hideous cake. Do you say omg they is awful, or do you say it’s good? I don’t lie to my kid, but I tell her things in an age appropriate way and try to break things down, and I’ve learned to giver her very clear,short answers. But, I’ve been told I tell her too much. My husband and I had relationship issues when she was in first grade. I was honest with her. People told me I was crazy to tell her the truth. I was also accused of being a horrible parent because I told my daughter about Santa Claus, the Easter bunny and the tooth fairy. Personally, I didn’t consider myself horrible, but….so, you just opened up a great conversation.

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    1. Wow! Very interesting. There are a lot of lies many people do tell. I know many people lie to not hurt other’s feelings. It is a very good question…to what extent should we tell the truth or not tell the truth? It is something to really think about.

      I think you are a great mom if you try to be as honest with your child as you can possibly be. I think children will learn a lot, especially life lessons, if we are as honest as we can be; age appropriate of course!

      I did and do the same with my two children. They are now in their twenties, but I think it has proven to be great advice!

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      1. The age appropriate thing is important….to explain things as simply as possible. But it’s funny, after I read your blog, I read another about a mom telling the times her kids embarrassed her. Every single one was when a kid was being truthful about something, but it situations where the truth didn’t sound do great at the time

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      2. Hahaha! I love that children are so honest, that’s the best thing about them! It is funny, but I think we need to be prepared on their honesty and brace ourselves for the those “comments” or “truths” that may make us feel embarassed! LOL

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