Decisions; Choices; Life!

As our children become adults, they need to make decisions for themselves. It is so easy to help encourage our children to make the “right” decisions, but are they the “right” decisions that we want them to make for ourselves or are they the “right” decisions that we want them to make for themselves?

Decisions made are always the best choices for the person making them (or so we think). No matter what the person chooses, it may not be what we would choose or think! Therefore, why should we be making decisions for our children when they are capable of making decisions for themselves?

This is where all the planning, teaching, learning, and understanding come into play. They should have already learned right from wrong. Now that they are done being raised, did you do your job? Did you raise them and develop a person that will make the right decisions for themselves? Will they choose the right path for themselves? Will they be morally correct? Will they be safe? Will they be successful? It is not our choice to lead them into decisions they do not want to make, however, it is our job to teach them to make the right choices for them as the individuals. For example, we can help them decide the pros and cons of their choices and we can help them see the consequences of their choices based on our own knowledge and experiences. Ultimately, it is THEIR choice whether we agree with it or not.

Think about it…how are you helping your child ? Are you allowing them to choose for themselves because they know and feel what is right for them? Do you help? Do you make their decisions for them? Are you allowing them to be independent and will you love them no matter what their choices are or will be in the future?

It is a BIG decision to do what is best for them. Is this your job as a part of parenting? Absolutely!


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