Hand washing…

…is cleanliness that is something some of us do and some of us do not.

Bacteria is all around us, so why not wash our hands? Before we eat food that we will be ingesting; when we come into our homes from the outside world; before we cook or prepare food. Do you want to put bacteria into your mouth while eating? Do you want to put bacteria into your house from the outside world? Do you want to eat food that was cooked or prepared by someone who did not wash their hands?

Teaching children to wash their hands is the key to them wanting to wash their own hands or to simply develop the habit while becoming an adult.

When toilet training, parents start by “wiping” their own children. Then does your child run off? Have your child stay with you in the bathroom…from that first toilet training session and every one after that, teach your child to wash their hands as you wash your hands with soap and water. Every time they go into the bathroom, they should be washing their hands. Children need to be taught how to and why to wash their hands each and every time to develop that habit.

Every time your child eats food at the table, did they wash their hands? Make sure they do by paying attention to what they are doing before they eat. If you know they could not have washed their hands, then tell them to wash their hands in the kitchen sink.

We need to teach cleanliness to our children and be persistent and consistent in doing so…that is the only way to make sure they will do it on their own without you watching them or telling them to wash!

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