Does the apple fall far from the tree?

Parents say they don’t understand why their child does this or does that…

  •       Why does my child act this way?
  •       Why does my child say the things he or she says?
  •       Why does my child lie?
  •       Why does my child not get along with others?
  •       Why does my child…

Have you questioned the behavior of your child? Have you ever been embarrassed by their behavior? Have you not understood why he or she does the things he or she does or speaks the way he or she speaks? Does your child misbehave?

I really need to say this, maybe you should look at things your child sees from you or from others he or she is in contact with every single day to determine the answers to those questions.

Something to really think about, isn’t it?

The apple does not fall far from the tree, so really reflect on things you need to change in order for your child to have a different outcome. Look to see if he or she is learning inappropriate behavior from those closest to him or her. It is a reality check. I am not saying that they are misbehaving because of you. What I am saying is that not only do genes that play an important role in establishing the character of a person, but also it’s the child’s environment of those who he or she is in contact with every single day. Maybe it is not you, but someone else who has an important role in your child’s life that is helping to develop your child whether it is positive or negative.

Looking within yourself or your “circle” to figure things out, doesn’t always mean it is YOU or your fault. However, as a parent it is necessary to reflect on ourselves and on others closest to us to truly figure out things that need a solution or a correction.

Remember your child sees and hears everything, even when you are not noticing or paying attention. They see how you act or what you say every minute you are in their presence. They do that with everyone in their lives. As a mom, I was always reflecting on what I did or said; how I acted or how those who were with my child was acting; I questioned whether or not I did the right thing; made the right decisions, etc. I definitely did or said things that maybe I shouldn’t have, but everyone learns and tomorrow can be a better day once it is realized.

All I am saying is secure your world for you child as best as you can. Unnecessary happenings or occurrences should be limited and should be taken care of to prevent negative long term effects. Parenting is the most difficult job, but it is a job you decided you wanted the moment you decided to have a child. Don’t take it lightly. Don’t think it will all work out unless you know it will work out based on your actions today and the decisions you make for that child each and every single day! Parenting is 24 hours of consciousness. Be mindful!



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