What can we do to help schools protect themselves against violence? Let’s talk about it.

Isn’t school supposed to be the safest place for children? Sending my children to school was always comforting to me because I knew they would be in a safe environment. Being with children their own age so they are able to socialize and gain an education.

School was always a topic of discussion for all of us at the dinner table. What happened at school today? Did you learn anything new? Did you meet a new friend? Did your teacher tell you anything you found interesting? Did anything happen that you would like to discuss? Do you have any concerns about anything that happened today in school?

Never, ever did I ever think my children would be unsafe.

Never, ever did I worry about my child’s safety.

I can’t even imagine getting a phone call about a disaster that has happened or an unsafe condition that occurred or a tragic situation that has happened. I can’t even imagine hearing about my child’s school on the news or wondering if my child was alright based on what was going on at the school.

We really need to do something about this, ASAP! We need everyone to really think about how we can make our schools safer and how to not let parents worry about their child once they enter the school building.

Everyone needs to start talking about this, so we can all start changing the unsafe conditions at all of our schools. Seriously, this needs to be taken seriously! We need to do something about violence that is occurring in schools today. 


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