Technology…electronic devices…???

Is technology or using devices the way we need to communicate with our children today?

Have you ever noticed parents at a table in a restaurant? Most of the children are looking at tablets or cell phones. What happened to having conversations at the dinner table or lunch table or breakfast table???

In this very busy society where most parents are working for extended periods of time throughout the day and possibly at night, shouldn’t the little time we have with our children be spent doing other things other than looking at electronic devices???

Think about it! The next time you are in a restaurant look to see how many parents actually converse with their children. It is quite alarming when you see it with your own eyes. How many children do you think WOULD NOT have devices at the table or in their hands?

Even look at yourself and notice what you are doing??? Is it the same at your table??? Is this something we should all be concerned about???

Let’s discuss…Comments??? Thoughts???


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