The best part of this story is that although his parents were not by his side, he always imagined having someone by his side. Throughout his life he was lucky enough to have people there for him encouraging him along the way.

He imagined all that is good; he imagined the peace and glory of life.

Despite his abuse, despite his pain, despite his uncertainty, he imagined the best part of life. Thank goodness he had his best friend, his teachers, his band, his faith, his mentors, his voice, his dream, and his beliefs.

Parents can do so much damage to their children. Why would you want them to suffer? This is why I say, parenting is so important to the child you are raising. Not many will come out the way Bart came out. He was able to turn his life into a positive force. Some never do or will.

Everyone needs to have others by their side. Parents are the first people for each child they bring into this world. Bart’s mom helped him by sending him to a camp who taught him about his faith, helped him to believe in his faith, and find his best friend who is now his wife. Without that, who knows where he would have been or how he would have turned out. 

Be there, by their side, throughout each child’s life, from the moment they are born! Words are unable to express the importance of this statement. Only the child will truly understand what their parents have done for them. Be that positive force in your child’s life. Imagine the benefit of that as a parent.   


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