CONFIDENCE…do you have it?

Confidence is so important in life from the very beginning. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this every day of our lives…until we decide to change it!

There are studies that show that those who have confidence as an adult will have more success or achieve success over those who do not have confidence in themselves. One specific article I read is, Study:Self-Confidence Plays a Crucial Role In Forging Your Career Path by Chris Gayomali from Fast Company.

Chris goes on to say that it is worth remembering those adults in our lives who helped us and taught us to be confident in ourselves. That is why it is extremely important, as a parent, to help build your child’s self-confidence. If we start with them young, it is only that much easier for them to acquire the confidence they need to be successful in life, whatever that means to that individual. Success doesn’t only come from having money, success is actually setting a goal and achieving that goal. Being successful means that you are doing exactly what you wanted to do and may even be impacting someone else’s life.

Therefore, as Chris does indicate in his article, “A few encouraging words can go a long way–something to keep in the mind the next time a child tells you he or she wants to study dinosaurs and become the heavyweight champion of the world.”

In other words, our one very important goal as a parent is to encourage and tell our children what they are good at based on their own needs and abilities. We can’t decide what is best for them, then we are stunting their growth and their dreams. We can only be encouraging to help them to do what they believe they can do…whatever that is. Be the parent who has their child develop confidently; not afraid to speak up, not afraid to hide their true selves, not afraid to be who they were meant to be. Be there for them every step of the way with school, friends, play, work, etc. Then and only then will they believe in themselves because you believe in them!

Comment? Thoughts? Experiences? Please let me know. 🙂


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