Raise your child to be strong and independent!

Be the one who helps your child to be a strong and independent person!

What damages your child’s self-esteem? Negative comments, criticism, abuse, neglect, lack of love, no support, conflict, etc. Negativity in a child’s life will damage their confidence and self worth. We as parents need to build our child’s self-confidence in order for them to be strong against all the negativity in this world.

Giving your child independence to do things they can do for themselves. For example, letting them feed themselves as toddlers (once they are able to and as long as the food you give them is cut up into small pieces so they do not choke) is good for their development of independence. They begin to learn that they are capable of attending to their needs and able to fulfill their hunger.

Giving your child chores that make sense. For example, having them clean up their own toys after playing or cleaning up after a mess they created will give them responsibility which in turn will allow them to feel confident in their abilities to finish what they started and/or maintain order in their lives.

Giving your child the ability to choose for themselves without making the decisions for them. Such decisions may include food they like to eat (within reason), clothes they like to wear, activities they like to do, the books they like to read, the subjects that interest them, etc. Giving  them the opportunity to decide empowers them and helps them to develop their decision making skills, in addition, to helping them learn about themselves.

Giving your child encouragement to do the things he or she may not think they can do, but actually can do. Encouragement helps your child to build strength within themselves especially if the most important person in their life encourages them and believes in them to complete the task or tasks. You are their most important person; parents are everything to their child or children.

As parents, we need to do everything we can to develop our children into the person they are meant to be without our judgement, without negativity, but with our support and love. Talking to them as people, and not as “children,” is a great way to begin. It’s never too late to start and it is never too early to start… 🙂

Something to think about…




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