Settle for more…

…Megyn contributes a lot of what she has learned and achieved from her parents and her family. She quotes specific dialogue from her mom and discusses her experiences throughout her life, experiences that have made her the person she is today.

What I really enjoyed about her book is the fact that she consistently lets you know that by wanting to “settle for more,” you will push yourself to be a better person. By wanting to “settle for more,” your life will become exactly what will make you happy and will allow you to achieve the goals you want to achieve, whatever that may be for you as the individual.

Settling for more has helped Megyn to have the life she has always wanted and one that she loves. It helped her to have the important things in her life that mean everything to her as a person. It has helped her to get through tough times and to cherish her husband and children, her family and friends, and her work.

If we help our kids to settle for more from the very beginning and push our kids to want more out of life, then they will know they can have more and achieve more. What kind of future would that be for everyone? What things can we all accomplish to make our future better for everyone? Think about…read her book; parent your child to want more, be more, have more, learn more, help more, and achieve more in their lives!

That thinking can only make you develop more into the person you want to be and have the things in life that will ultimately make you happy or at least will help you to get closer to the life you have always wanted for yourself.

Settle for more is a way of thinking and it’s one we should consider for our children.



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