Don’t stress out your kids!

Parenting can be very difficult at times and parents can definitely get overwhelmed with everything because of their busy schedules! You work, do chores, take care of children, pay and worry about bills, have multiple responsibilities…just to name a few.

Please be very careful not to stress out your kids. As hard as that may be at times, your kids will be stressed if you are stressed. If you find yourself yelling at them because you feel overwhelmed, then it will either make them do the same to others or they will feel very hurt or upset.

If you are not happy or if you are angry, then your kids will be too! It can also be very unsettling to them. It will not be a good environment for your kids to grow up in, especially if the stress causes you to yell and scream at them frequently. These stressful experiences, the anger, the unhappiness, is just not good for you or for your kids.

Stay calm, as best as you can. This will help your children learn not overreact to things or to others and they will be respectful. Trying to stay calm will help you to realize that it will all work out and that negative behavior will do nothing but be harmful to you and to those around you. Talking things out with your children and others in your life, will help you to work things out and possibly stay calm.

Your kids have enough “stress” in their life going to school and being with their peers. It doesn’t seem stressful to you now if you compare it to your adult life, but remember how it was when you were in school. It is a lot to handle between the school work, teachers, other kids in school, homework, curfews, limitations, restrictions, etc. They look to you to help them feel secure and calm. You have to try to do that for your kids sake as hard as that may seem at the moment.

Think about it…Stress and anger do not solve anything. 


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