As parents, we are raising adults!

You have to decide what kind of adult you want to raise before actually raising your child. Then and only then can you raise the child to be the person you think they should be as an adult.

Think about it…once your child becomes the person they were raised to be, then and only then will they NOT be able to be changed. Let’s prepare our child to be the adult we can all be proud of for our future.

Parents you definitely need to trust your child and believe in them. You may not always agree with your child, but know they have to be making decisions that are best for them, not for you. We can’t get exactly the child we dream of, but we do get the child who needs our love and support. Whatever you say to them today will have a tremendous effect on them tomorrow and every day after that. Make sure your parenting is creating the adult you want to have in your life forever. An adult you and everyone else can be proud of; an adult who is responsible and kindhearted; an adult who wants to make a difference in this world of ours.

Those are the adults all of us need to raise. Think about how you are raising your child now and make changes if you need to before it is too late.

Children are truly our future; let’s create a positive future for every one.

You can also visit The Parenting Passageway posted on December 2, Enpowering your Child. It was a great post and something I always say to parents. It will also give you things you should be saying to your child to “enpower your child.” 


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