Take Action!

Do you have parenting plans for 2019? Is it time to take action? Develop new strategies? Develop new techniques? Become the parent you always wanted to be? 

Do you have plans to be a “better” parent (whatever that may entail for you)? Do you have plans to be a better listener? A better teacher? A better provider? A better supporter? 

All of our plans for the new year should actually be plans we really think about following through with especially if it involves our children. Take action to make our lives more productive or meaningful to each child we raise.

Think about it!

…Maybe some of our parenting can be different?

…Maybe some of our parenting can be changed?

…Maybe we will not get as upset as much as we did with our children?

…Maybe we can try to enjoy each and every moment of each of our child’s life?

…Maybe we can ask ourselves questions; What do I want my child to learn from his/her own experiences? How can I teach my child RIGHT FROM WRONG?

…Maybe through my own actions and not just my words can I truly make a difference in the life of my child.

If we have a different perspective in our parenting this year than ever before, then maybe it is possible to raise each of our children the best way we possibly can raise them for their future and our future!

Think about it! Let’s really make a difference in the lives of our children.


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