Caring Enough to Notice

If we really care about raising our children to be the best part of us, then, as parents, we must care about everything in their lives and make sure we pay attention to every little moment.

We are all so busy in our own lives; working, paying bills, hobbies/activities, visiting family and/or friends, school, shopping, etc. We really need to take those moments that really mean a lot to our children and truly pay attention. We need to take a step back and really notice ALL that is going on in our lives and in the lives of our children.

We need to think about what the consequences are or will be of our actions; whether it is or will be a positive or negative consequence.

We need to stop and think about everything that will have an effect on the “outcome” of our children.  By outcome, I mean how they will grow up and become adults; how they will learn to be without “the parents” and be on their own.

We need to think about it and really make an effort to take notice of all the important things in life, and not just have those moments pass us by. Are you making moments pass you by? Are you really paying attention?

Time goes by way too fast unless we stop and try to slow down the moments, slow down the love, slow down the caring, just slow down!

Take the time.

Make the effort.

Stop to care.

Stop to listen.

Stop to think.

Stop to pay attention.

Stop to notice.

Stop to say I love you!



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