Questions or comments about parenting?

Do you have any stories about your children?

Do you have any insight to share about parenting?

Do you have any questions you may need answers to in order to get a different viewpoint about things in general or about something specific?

We, as parents, need to work together to be the best parent we can; sometimes struggling through it alone is very difficult and we become unsure about ourselves and/or about our decisions as parents. Maybe we need to brainstorm ideas, consequences, better ways to do our job that we all decided to do together.

Parenting is a 24 hour a day 7 days a week job. It is tiring and draining at times. It is exciting and enjoyable at times. It is everything all day long. Parents are under a lot of stress, however, our children rely on us each and every day. There are no days off (unless we decide to take some days off and hire a babysitter we trust, which is equally important to do as parents), so together we have to make it right for our children and for all the children who will be a part of our future.

Let’s do it together! Please share. 🙂


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