School Begins…

… so let’s remember to start the school year with important routines from the very first day. Routines from the very beginning ensure that your child understands the responsibilities of school and the importance of their education.

First of all, all children need several hours of sleep. They need to go to bed early in order to achieve that goal. Around 8 pm or 9 pm should be the latest a child should go to bed depending on what time school starts. Most schools start the day around 7 am or 8 am. By going to bed early, they will also have time in the morning for breakfast, packing for the day, getting dressed and walking or taking the bus to school. If a child is tired because they went to bed later than they should, they can’t get up in the morning, they rush around in the morning or will be late, and they are tired in school which then allows for not focusing, not concentrating or paying attention to lessons, not working hard, etc.

Secondly, setting time for homework is extremely important. Children must learn that homework needs to be done every night that it is given. Therefore, scheduling for sports and other after school activities, must be taken into consideration when setting a time for homework to be completed.

As a third routine, children need to be eating a nutritious dinner at a reasonable time. Establishing a time to eat dinner (preferably as a family) at a reasonable time is extremely important to their health and well being. Your child cannot eat dinner around 7 or 8 pm, if that is when they are supposed to be going to bed or getting ready for bed. They need the time to digest their food before bedtime.

These simple routines will help your child get a better education throughout the year if the routine stays and is expected throughout the year. It’s up to you as the parent! 🙂




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