Giving in…

…if you are giving in to your child, you may be teaching them a lesson you do not want them to learn.

Let’s think about it. If you first say no, then your NO must remain as a NO! If your child is pressuring you to give in OR constantly whining or crying OR constantly talking to you to change your mind, AND THEN YOU DO,  what are you really teaching your child?   You are teaching them to argue; you are teaching them to cry or whine; you are teaching them to make a fuss in order to get their way! They will do this with everyone and for everything.

Let’s think about it! Please think before you answer your child. If it is really a no, then stick to it. If you will change your mind, then just say yes from the very beginning. Believe me, it is a much better lesson to say yes and to not have your child make a fuss.  It is a better lesson to say no and never change your mind. You decide! 🙂



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