This is the year…

…to make that change you have been waiting to make.

…to achieve that goal you have been waiting to achieve.

…to have more patience with everyone around you.

…to show more kindness.

…to be less angry.

…to teach your children.

…to be a better parent.

…to read that book you have been waiting to read.

…to help that friend you needed to help.

…to be selfless.

…to gain more insight.

…to see the other person’s perspective.

…to be less judgmental.

…to be more compassionate.

…to be truthful.

…to love and enjoy the life that has been given to you.

This is the year to be optimistic, to make a difference, and to be strong for yourself and to those around you; especially your children.

This is the year…2020! GO FOR IT!








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