The Movie: Amazingly Interesting!

It amazes me that this one person did everything he could to make a difference in this world. I must say that this is a BIG deal, especially in today’s society. We all need to learn at least one lesson from Mister Fred Rogers or from this movie.

“Being a parent does not mean being a perfect parent.”

“Have an outlet for your anger; swim, bang on the piano;”… do anything to NOT take it out on others.

“Anything mentionable is manageable.”

In my opinion, these were just three of the very important lessons I feel would benefit some of us. Watching this movie gave me a sense of hope; hope that we will all do just a fraction of what we should do in life to help others or to make a difference.

What I found to be the most fascinating is the help Fred Rogers was always willing to give to others. The good he tried to see in people or tried to get out of people.

This is definitely something to think about as a parent today and in the world of today. This is the 21st century; let’s all move forward in the right direction and teach or help others to do the same!

Comments? Questions? Your ideas about this movie? Send me a message. 🙂


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