Schools at the Moment…Remote Learning

Due to Covid-19, students are home. Last week and this week, students had and will have the opportunity to do “school work” at home online. As a parent, this time is not only worrisome because of all the changes in our every day lives, but also because children are home twenty-four hours a day!

We all need to make the best in life that we possibly could now and hope we all stay safe.

Remote Learning may not be the best for you especially if you are not as comfortable with it as you want to be, but WE NEED TO BE for our children. It is extremely important to them that they are working, studying, and learning at home. They need to be keeping up with their knowledge and education because we really do not know (at this point) how long this is going to last. Therefore, we need to try to structure our lives to help our children who are working and learning at home to be working and learning at home effectively. In addition, if you are working at home with your children, you need to set up a structure that will allow you time to work and allow your child to work.

This is the perfect opportunity for your children to use technology effectively by doing their school work. Here are some helpful tips for you to follow:

  1. TIME: Setting up specific times during the day is helpful to everyone at home so they know what is good for you and what is good for them. It may be a different time every day, but as long as it is structured each day and there are expectations for it to be completed, all will go well. You can have a different time on Monday and a different time on Tuesday, and each day after that through Friday. You can also have the same schedule daily if that works for everyone in the house. You decide what works each day and schedule it that way so everyone knows the schedule and their responsibilities.
  2. CHORES: If your child did not have to do anything (chores) in the house before, now is the time to start. It is impossible for the parent to have to clean up after each child every day or every minute of the day. If anything, your child should definitely start to clean up after themselves when they eat, do school work or play. That will definitely teach them to be independent and responsible. Other chores they can do are getting dressed, maintaining their daily hygiene, making their beds, cleaning their room, and/or helping to cook or prepare meals. Think about it, this is also part of learning and should be done now more than ever since most of us are staying in the house.
  3. RESPECT: Now is the time for your child to be respectful of your time and your responsibilities as well as the siblings. They need to follow the rules of the household. Respect will teach them not to be selfish, not to be dependent, and not to be disrespectful. It teaches them empathy, selflessness, and independence which will, in turn, teach them respect and build their confidence.

These simple tips can mean everything in our current situations and can help to manage this difficult time in all of our lives. Stay well and safe!

Concerns or comments? Let’s talk!


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