Where are the role models?

I am sorry, but we need to have more role models in our society today!

We NEED leaders who are role models! We need everyday people who are role models.

Role models are those who are intelligent and who give us facts.

Role models do not tell us made up stories or state exaggerations.

Role models are definitely not condescending to others.

Role models are not selfish.

Role models keep people in their hearts and want the best for them.

Role Models do not lie, steal, or hurt us in any way.

Role models do not spend our money foolishly and are not greedy.

Role models do the right thing, no matter what!


Leaders to our children are not only public or political leaders, but those who have authority in our lives and those who we need in our lives. 

PARENTS SHOULD BE role models for their children!

GRANDPARENTS SHOULD BE role models for their grandchildren!

Teachers and Police Officers SHOULD BE role models to the children or people they serve!

Doctors and Nurses SHOULD BE role models to their patients!

Firefighters and EMT SHOULD BE role models to the people they serve!

Custodians and Sanitation workers SHOULD BE role models!

Postal Workers and Delivery Service Carriers SHOULD BE role models!

Electrical and Plumbing service providers SHOULD BE role models they help!

Store Clerks and Store Owners SHOULD BE role models to the shoppers!

Transportation drivers SHOULD BE role models to those taking transportation!

Engineers, Scientists, Lab Technicians, Researchers, and Developers SHOULD ALL BE our role models.

People who serve THE PEOPLE, help the people, AND create a better place for everyone, should be our role models!  THESE are the people who are all doing the right thing for all of us and who are selfless.

Only those who are role models will always do the right thing, no matter what. They ALL SHOULD BE HELD to a higher standard and WE SHOULD ALL appreciate everything they do for ALL OF US each and every day.

If you are not a role model, change!

If you are not a role model for our children, be one!

If you are not a role model, ask yourself why you are not!


WE NEED PEOPLE who are role models each and every day.

Our world and our planet need to have role models because our livelihood depends on it!

Choose people in your life who are the role models. Do not encourage those who are not!

We do not deserve anything less! We deserve more!


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