School or Remote Learning?

There is so much “talk” about whether or not we should open our schools in September due to our current situation.

Yes, children learn more in school than at home!

Yes, children are able to socialize and learn from their peers!

Yes, children learn a lot in school that is needed intellectually, socially. and emotionally!

Yes, nothing can take the place of “school” in the life of a child.

Yes, children DO NEED to be in school!

However, due to our current situation with this crisis, there are many things to consider.

First and foremost, will ALL students be safe?

Second, will all teachers and other staff members in the school building be safe?

Third, will all bus drivers be safe?

Fourth, will everyone be able to social distance?

Fifth, does everyone need to wear a mask all day long?

Sixth, this list can go on and on and on and on!

There is so much to consider and to put in place before students and staff return to the school building!

Can students learn effectively remotely? Yes, and it may be safer to have children work remotely until this virus is under control, the numbers of people getting sick has lessened, the numbers of people being hospitalized is going down, and/or worse, the people who are dying has lessened! We do need control over this virus!

If students do not go back, then Remote Learning definitely will work if there is a structure for your child in place at home and they know it is school time. They need to know that you as their parent value school and education. They need to know that the work they produce means something and will be acceptable in terms of their effort and ability. They need to know that working hard, studying, and learning everything their school is providing to them each and every day is extremely important. They need to have a private area in the house that will allow them to work without interruptions and to not be interrupted by others in the household. They need to do classwork at home and study when they are not online remotely learning. They can also communicate with their peers to help with school work and/or talking about lessons learned.

If this is going to happen, then children would now need to limit or lessen their “other” screen time only to eliminate excessive time on the screens.

Just because school may not be in session, does not mean that learning stops.

Learning can continue if we are all their for our chidlren to make sure their education does not end. Let’s create life-long learners!

Something to think about! Any thoughts or comments? 🙂


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