Right from Wrong?

Teaching children the right thing to do or say versus the wrong thing to do or say can be be tricky. First of all, we all need to know right from wrong before we even attempt to teach our children what is right and what is wrong.

How do we determine right from wrong? Ask yourself, “Do I know what is right and what is wrong?”

I like to think that the right thing to do makes sense to everyone involved. The right thing to do makes someone else happy, not just you!

Right means going along with the rules and procedures; the legal aspect of what it is that you are doing.

Doing the right thing is not greed or selfishness. It is selflessness and generosity.

Right from wrong means that in your gut you know it is right, just, fair, and kind.

Right shows respect and does not hurt anyone or anything.

Right shows empathy and honesty; it helps others and does not lie.

Right means RIGHT! If you know in your heart it is right, then it must be right. If your gut second guesses your decision or action, then it may be wrong.

Before you teach, know!

Before you teach, always do the right thing and show the right thing in front of your children.

Before you teach right from wrong, know right from wrong!


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