Raise your child to be strong and independent!

Be the one who helps your child to be a strong and independent person! What damages your child's self-esteem? Negative comments, criticism, abuse, neglect, lack of love, no support, conflict, etc. Negativity in a child's life will damage their confidence and self worth. We as parents need to build our child's self-confidence in order for... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Guilt? Part two…

There are so many parents who want to protect their children, but at what cost? So many parents say they want to protect their children from pain, but this is something we can't possibly do 100% of the time! Let's think about it...is this something that is healthy for your child, to be protected from... Continue Reading →

Consequences and Parenting, Part Two…

DOING THE RIGHT THING? LET'S ALL DO THE RIGHT THING? Is this possible in today's society?  Do you ever feel that "THE RIGHT THING" is different for every person in this world depending on their gender, job, position, political association, location, amount of school degrees, marital status, age, etc? Shouldn't there be a definite right and... Continue Reading →

A Mother’s Guilt?

There are so many woman who would love to stay home with their children each and every day, but unfortunately are not able to do so because of the amount of money it takes to raise a child in this century. So many mothers say they stayed home with their first and/or second child, but... Continue Reading →

Consequences and Parenting

Whether there are positive or negative consequences to your child's behavior, these consequences are necessary for each child to learn and grow. As parents, we try to protect our children from harm. Does that truly interfere with them having the consequence of their behavior? Do we take their learning a lesson for granted by protecting... Continue Reading →


Unfortunately, divorce is something that couples may have to go through at some point in their lives. This is why, when it comes to divorce, there needs to be thoughts about this divorce from the point of view of your child/children. This is ultimately the end of their family unit! This is a word that may cause... Continue Reading →

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