Raise your child to be strong and independent!

Be the one who helps your child to be a strong and independent person! What damages your child's self-esteem? Negative comments, criticism, abuse, neglect, lack of love, no support, conflict, etc. Negativity in a child's life will damage their confidence and self worth. We as parents need to build our child's self-confidence in order for... Continue Reading →

Help to build your child’s self-confidence!

In my previous blog, I indicated that self-confidence is extremely important in achieving success as an adult. But in order to have the confidence as an adult, you need to have had it growing up. Developing a child's self-confidence is something, as a parent, we need to consider as we are raising our child. It... Continue Reading →

CONFIDENCE…do you have it?

Confidence is so important in life from the very beginning. Unfortunately, many of us struggle with this every day of our lives...until we decide to change it! There are studies that show that those who have confidence as an adult will have more success or achieve success over those who do not have confidence in... Continue Reading →

Self-Esteem = Confidence

As adults, sometimes we are not as confident as we should be or want to be. If that is the case, then how do you think children, without any of our experiences, really feel? We, as parents, HAVE to do everything we can to help our children be as confident as they can be. Children... Continue Reading →


From the moment your child is able to feed themselves, is the moment they should feed themselves. You can have them sit in their highchair to eat chopped foods (beware of choking hazards) and let them feed themselves. This is the beginning of their independence which will also be their development of self-confidence. This is... Continue Reading →

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