Should we believe our children?

As far as I am concerned, children are honest when they are young. They like you if they know you are there for them and they don't like you if they feel a sense of threat. They usually say what they mean and tell you like it is. I feel that they will learn to... Continue Reading →

Consequences and Parenting, Part Two…

DOING THE RIGHT THING? LET'S ALL DO THE RIGHT THING? Is this possible in today's society?  Do you ever feel that "THE RIGHT THING" is different for every person in this world depending on their gender, job, position, political association, location, amount of school degrees, marital status, age, etc? Shouldn't there be a definite right and... Continue Reading →

Consequences and Parenting

Whether there are positive or negative consequences to your child's behavior, these consequences are necessary for each child to learn and grow. As parents, we try to protect our children from harm. Does that truly interfere with them having the consequence of their behavior? Do we take their learning a lesson for granted by protecting... Continue Reading →

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