Schools at the Moment…Remote Learning

Due to Covid-19, students are home. Last week and this week, students had and will have the opportunity to do "school work" at home online. As a parent, this time is not only worrisome because of all the changes in our every day lives, but also because children are home twenty-four hours a day! We... Continue Reading →


If you make the decision to have a child, then you are making the decision to BE THERE for your child. Your child is not there for you, you are there for your child. Your child is not there to do what you say or what you want or what you need. Your child is... Continue Reading →

So many school supplies are requested at this time of the year! Does your child have to purchase school supplies? Are they given a list of specific items to buy? For all the schools that do ask for basic school supplies (notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, paper, etc.) some parents feel that the school supply list... Continue Reading →

Now that school has begun or will begin, please make sure you purchase ALL the school supplies that are indicated on your child's school list for the first day or at least the first week of school. The students who do not have all of their items usually feel bad especially if the majority of... Continue Reading →

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