Take Action!

Do you have parenting plans for 2019? Is it time to take action? Develop new strategies? Develop new techniques? Become the parent you always wanted to be?  Do you have plans to be a "better" parent (whatever that may entail for you)? Do you have plans to be a better listener? A better teacher? A better... Continue Reading →

Don’t stress out your kids!

Parenting can be very difficult at times and parents can definitely get overwhelmed with everything because of their busy schedules! You work, do chores, take care of children, pay and worry about bills, have multiple responsibilities...just to name a few. Please be very careful not to stress out your kids. As hard as that may... Continue Reading →


The best part of this story is that although his parents were not by his side, he always imagined having someone by his side. Throughout his life he was lucky enough to have people there for him encouraging him along the way. He imagined all that is good; he imagined the peace and glory of... Continue Reading →

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