Are you giving your kids Power?

Temper Tantrums are the first way we can give a child power. If you say no, then it is no, no matter what! Giving in to your child after he or she is having a temper tantrum is telling that child it is okay to change your mind based on the drama they are exhibiting... Continue Reading →

Don’t stress out your kids!

Parenting can be very difficult at times and parents can definitely get overwhelmed with everything because of their busy schedules! You work, do chores, take care of children, pay and worry about bills, have multiple responsibilities...just to name a few. Please be very careful not to stress out your kids. As hard as that may... Continue Reading →

Settle for more…

...Megyn contributes a lot of what she has learned and achieved from her parents and her family. She quotes specific dialogue from her mom and discusses her experiences throughout her life, experiences that have made her the person she is today. What I really enjoyed about her book is the fact that she consistently lets... Continue Reading →

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