An educator for over three decades and a parent of two. I’ve heard, seen, and experienced it all! I have two wonderful, intelligent children who I personally gave so much thought to throughout their lives and even before they were actually born. I began thinking about children and adults throughout my own childhood and adulthood wondering about all the things the adults in my life have taught me and how they have treated me. Questions I have asked myself: Would things be different or how would they be different if my parents raised me differently? Would things be different or how would things be different if I lived in a different city or if I was in contact with different people/friends throughout my life?  Life comes full circle – parenting is always going to be something we are bound to experience or have experienced with our own parents. 

I feel parenting is something that most people look forward to and/or plan to do, but may not “think about it. What does parenting actually entail? What will come with parenting before we decide to have the child? When we actually have the child? And what happens after we have the child? 

I’ve observed so much, learned so much, thought about so much, and felt so much about parenting that I wanted to share this with everyone; to have a better, happier, and healthier future with your children, which begins with you as a parent!

So, it begins with you! Join me, chat with me, chat with each other – this is a forum for storytelling, tips, tricks, and great recommendations for coffee just when you need a cup, for sleep when you are exhausted, and for just plain advice or ideas when you do not know what to do or where to turn with your child.

Please ask questions, comments, thoughts – I would love to hear from you!

Elle Dee 🙂

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