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Consequences and Parenting

Whether there are positive or negative consequences to your child's behavior, these consequences are necessary for each child to learn and grow. As parents, we try to protect our children from harm. Does that truly interfere with them having the consequence of their behavior? Do we take their learning a lesson for granted by protecting... Continue Reading →

Let’s think about this…

Lying to your children; lying in front of your children; telling "white lies" and then explaining why it's alright to tell the "white lie," is absolutely unacceptable.  If children live with lying, they will become liars...plain and simple! What happened to honesty in this world? Why do adults feel it is necessary to lie about... Continue Reading →

Parenting Sucks

I could not have said this better myself!

COMMUNICATION is definitely the most important parenting tip! Finding the time to talk to your children about everything and anything is extremely important. Open communication will definitely be the key to positive behavior and respect between you and your child. Communication helps them learn from you; it helps them to truly think about things you discuss; it helps them to understand your values/beliefs and what you believe is important; it helps them become more confident in themselves and their choices because you are valuing them by communicating with them; it can teach them and help them to understand right from wrong, etc.

And yes, always trust your instincts!

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Waking up on the Wrong Side of 50

Do I have you attention?

Back to school brings out many thoughts for school age children.   It also brings out many thoughts for Parents of school age children.  Bad thoughts.  Negative thoughts.

Do you know how many times in the past two weeks I told a parent to cut themselves some slack?  Told them parenting sucks?  Let’s just say- enough times to know I needed to blog about this.

Who told you that parenting would be easy?  I want names.  Because these people should not be allowed to speak if they are going around spreading the lie that parenting is easy.  The last easy moment you had was before you held a child in your arms, or held their hand- before you gave birth or signed adoption papers.  After that- all bets are off.

I know there are billions of parenting books, articles, websites.  I’m pretty sure I have…

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Does every kid deserve a prize?

I read an article All Is Not Fair by Karin Fuller on in 2011. The reason why I feel the need to discuss this now, in 2017, is I feel that it is still important in our world today. It is definitely something, we as parents, need to consider or think about when having our... Continue Reading →

So many school supplies are requested at this time of the year! Does your child have to purchase school supplies? Are they given a list of specific items to buy? For all the schools that do ask for basic school supplies (notebooks, folders, pencils, pens, paper, etc.) some parents feel that the school supply list... Continue Reading →


Unfortunately, divorce is something that couples may have to go through at some point in their lives. This is why, when it comes to divorce, there needs to be thoughts about this divorce from the point of view of your child/children. This is ultimately the end of their family unit! This is a word that may cause... Continue Reading →

Do all parents teach values?

I have always loved this poem by Dorothy Law Nolte, Children Learn What They Live:  I guess what I always loved about this poem is how true all of these statements actually are to a child. Each child will become what they learn from every person that is a part of their life. Thinking about... Continue Reading →

Now that school has begun or will begin, please make sure you purchase ALL the school supplies that are indicated on your child's school list for the first day or at least the first week of school. The students who do not have all of their items usually feel bad especially if the majority of... Continue Reading →

Raising your child…

I read an article, Raising Responsible Children by Graydon G. Goss, MD, which included a statement, "kids don't come with instructions." It hit me that because there is no guide-book, no text-book, absolutely nothing that can truly let each of us know exactly how to raise a child, it can all be very unsettling, unnerving, and... Continue Reading →

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