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New Goals, New Dreams, New Aspirations

Parenting is something really important to think about for 2018...Do you have plans to better your parenting? Do you have plans to change something you are doing with something you are not doing? Do you have plans to change something to be more effective when parenting or to just better educate your children? Every year... Continue Reading →


What can we do to help schools protect themselves against violence? Let's talk about it. Isn't school supposed to be the safest place for children? Sending my children to school was always comforting to me because I knew they would be in a safe environment. Being with children their own age so they are able... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays! Happy New Year!

Enjoy your family this holiday season. Enjoy your children and share in their joy. May the new year bring you only happiness and health. There are new Parenting Goals that can be set for 2018! Let me know what you would like to talk about... ...please leave a comment or question. 🙂

A Mother’s Guilt?

There are so many woman who would love to stay home with their children each and every day, but unfortunately are not able to do so because of the amount of money it takes to raise a child in this century. So many mothers say they stayed home with their first and/or second child, but... Continue Reading →

Hand washing… cleanliness that is something some of us do and some of us do not. Bacteria is all around us, so why not wash our hands? Before we eat food that we will be ingesting; when we come into our homes from the outside world; before we cook or prepare food. Do you want to... Continue Reading →

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