Consequences and Parenting, Part Two…

DOING THE RIGHT THING? LET’S ALL DO THE RIGHT THING? Is this possible in today’s society? 

Do you ever feel that “THE RIGHT THING” is different for every person in this world depending on their gender, job, position, political association, location, amount of school degrees, marital status, age, etc?

Shouldn’t there be a definite right and wrong for moral conduct? Shouldn’t everyone be held to the same right and wrong according to moral conduct NO MATTER who you are and what your gender is; what job or position you hold; if you are a politician or not; if you are republican, democrat or liberal; where you live; what degree you have in school; if you are single or married; how old you are; seriously? Is this the world we live in today?  Is this what we really want to teach our children? 

Right or wrong should have positive or negative consequences. Isn’t that what we want to teach our children? How are they supposed to really learn right from wrong if they are growing up in a world with mixed messages? Consequences help children learn very important lessons. Consequences help our society and the people who live in our society. I guess there are exceptions to rules, but should there be exceptions to a person’s moral conduct? Should there be exceptions to the way we behave, right or wrong? Should there be exceptions to the way we treat people, right or wrong? Is there any right and wrong anymore or does it truly depend on each individual person?

This is really something to think about and talk about if we are raising children to become adults in a society where there should be consequences to your behavior, whether negative or positive. There should be consequences to your behavior no matter what and no matter who you are, period!!

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have any comments or thoughts? Please let me know…





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