Summer Heat!

One child left in a heated car by themselves is one child too many!

As you go shopping or any place you go in the summer, why would you leave your child alone in a car unattended, especially in the heat? Do you realize how HOT your car gets within just a few minutes?

Leaving a child in a car, by themselves, unattended, I am sorry, is laziness and total neglect on the part of that individual doing it. If you have your child in a car, take your child with you no matter where you go or what you are doing. If you do not want to take your child with you once you arrive, then go back home and bring your child home with you; you should get a sitter before you go anywhere if this is the case.

Besides dying because of the temperature in a car, you also risk the life of that child by either someone breaking into your car and taking your child, by someone crashing into your car and hurting your child, by not being able to help them if they are choking on something, and by having that child exit the car to find you (if they are older and awake) not knowing where you are (where would they go to find you and how would they find you and the car again?).

These are all things we need to consider by leaving a child in a car by themselves. IT IS NOT WORTH THE LIFE OF YOUR CHILD! Even if you think it will be 1 minute. It is 1 minute too long if they are by themselves, unattended, without any adult. It is total NEGLECT on your part if you do it! DO NOT DO IT!

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We need to protect our children at all times!


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